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The law firm of Fiandach & Fiandach in Rochester NY provides legal defense services specializing in DWI/DUI cases. With almost 100 years combined experience, our seven attorneys are dedicated to handling your DWI homicide, DWI accident or DWI assault case. Our legal team is your top choice when you face a DWI/DUI, so contact our attorneys today.

Our Team of Experienced DWI Attorneys:

Fiandach & Fiandach Is Better

Since 1979 when Edward L. Fiandach first began trying DWI cases, he was driven by a vision. Because of the increasingly complex alcohol related operating offenses, he wanted to bring to every DWI defense a concept normally found only in the most expensive high profile cases known as the Defense Team.  On a Defense Team, there are usually three to five lawyers working on this same case whom are highly qualified and diverse in their backgrounds. This results in the greatest number of ideas to formulate the defense. This is a tremendous advantage as a high-power approach and has proven so in cases involving high-profile defendants.

AttorneyAt Fiandach & Fiandach, Mr. Fiandach's dream of bringing this obviously effective technique to all DWI cases has come true. When you retain Fiandach & Fiandach in Rochester NY to represent you for a charge of Driving While Intoxicated, a five-lawyer team headed by nationally recognized experts and New York's only Board Certified DWI specialist immediately comes to your defense. Indeed, many clients, whose cases have been accepted by the firm, will often see this concept at work as early as the initial interview as team members are called into play to give their insight.

Our team of experts will continuously focus on your case and team meetings will be held often to examine strategy and results. We utilize the latest legal and scientific developments to ensure you get the best results. Our five-attorney staff is accompanied by three Paralegals, including a former Court Clerk.

You can expect us at Fiandach & Fiandach law firm to thoroughly research the performance history of the machine upon which your breath was tested upon. We may even attempt to replicate your BrAC (breath alcohol content) on our DataMaster to determine the role mouth alcohol may have played. Our team thoroughly investigates and then isolates the various defenses that exist in your case which will then be placed for a full office review to determine the strategy that we will undertake. The various court and administrative appearances will then be assigned to our professionals.

Despite what other law firms may say, multiple attorneys are better for your defense. At Fiandach & Fiandach, we make it possible for you and every other client to receive the tremendous advantage of having several attorneys working together on your case without spending a fortune. The team approach allows for the most attention to be directed to your case. We have the knowledge, the time, the talent and the manpower to treat you like you're our only client!

At Fiandach & Fiandach, we bring more than 100 years of trial experience to the table!